Otto's Priorities

Increase Access to Quality Care


Too many families in Southside suffer from an incomplete healthcare system.  Access to quality care is limited, providers lack necessary resources, prescription drug costs are too high, and it’s nearly impossible to navigate the health insurance maze.  We need patient centered solutions that will allow those in our community to have access to the quality and affordable care they deserve, regardless of location.  We also need to protect patients with preexisting conditions and ensure they get the care they need.    

Additionally, we need to confront the opioid epidemic head on.  We are losing too many young, talented individuals to this tragic disease while wasting valuable resources which can be used elsewhere.  There has to be a better way.  We must find a solution.  We have to find a different  approach.


Bringing Jobs Back to Southside


We are told the economy is improving and unemployment is low, but it’s hard to see the effects of that in our region.  Over the years countless businesses have been forced to close taking good paying jobs with them.  We need to show that Southside is open for business and that starts with a favorable tax climate and eliminating burdensome regulations that hurt businesses.  Jobs are not a partisan issue.  We need to work with everyone, regardless of party, to make sure Southside is an attractive place to open a business.  We need to offer our local governments a hand in identifying and bringing new business into the region.  We need to discover how we can assist new small businesses to open and operate.  

Agriculture is critical to our economy. We need to ensure preservation of farmland, reduce unnecessary and unfounded regulation on farmers and the farming industry, and create a business climate where agriculture in all forms can thrive.


Quality Education for All Students


Our children deserve the best education from the best teachers.  We must make it a priority to keep great teachers in the classroom and that starts with making sure they are fairly compensated.  If we are going to attract jobs to our region then we need to prepare our children for the jobs of tomorrow.  Finally, a cookie-cutter approach to education does not work.  Different students have different needs and we owe it to them and our teachers to have a flexible system that can accommodate these students and best prepare them for success.


Additionally, rural areas of the state like ours are being left behind as we struggle to try and keep our facilities from falling apart. It’s important to take steps forward to modernize and improve our crumbling school infrastructure. 

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