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Jobs & the Economy

As the former owner of Stony Creek Pharmacy in Stony Creek, VA, Otto Wachsmann has nearly 20 years of experience in running a business and creating local jobs. In Richmond, Otto will be an advocate for small businesses and will oppose legislation that increases taxes or adds unnecessary regulations. Otto will work with other elected officials, local job creators, and community leaders to increase opportunities in Southside so that every individual can reach their potential. 


A father of two daughters and a former assistant professor at Shenandoah University, Otto understands the challenges facing parents, students, and teachers. Otto will work with school administrators to ensure our teachers and students have the resources needed to learn in a safe and effective environment. And as we continue to navigate challenges from COVID-19, Otto will champion common sense solutions that keep our children safe and address learning loss. 

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Rural Broadband

Increasing access to rural broadband is a top priority for Otto. If Southside if going to keep up with other regions in Virginia and attract more business opportunities, we need access to basic infrastructure. Otto will support legislation that increases funding for broadband and expands access to all parts of our district. 


As a pharmacist practicing in Southside for over thirty years, Otto knows firsthand that we need to improve healthcare services in our region. Access to quality care is limited, providers lack necessary resources, prescription drug costs are too high, and it is nearly impossible to navigate the health insurance maze. As our Delegate, Otto will fight for patient centered solutions that allow those in our community to have access to the quality and affordable care they deserve, regardless of location.

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Hunting & Sportsman Rights

Growing up in Southside, Otto learned at a young age how important hunting, shooting, and fishing are to our rural way of life. As our Delegate, Otto will fight to preserve these traditions and oppose legislation that unnecessarily chips away at your rights. He will always be a champion for hunters and sportsman in Southside.