Otto's Priorities

Protecting Our Conservative Values 


Out-of-touch liberals in Richmond attack our conservative values and threaten our way of life. As your Delegate, Otto will stand up to the radical left and defend our constitutional rights. He’ll protect the Second Amendment, defend the right to life, and get government out of the way. Otto will be your conservative voice in Richmond.  

Get Our Economy Moving Again 


Before COVID-19, our economy was the strongest it’s been in decades. Now families and small businesses are facing unprecedented uncertainty as we navigate this devastating virus. As a pharmacist and former small business owner, Otto understands the importance of safely getting our economy moving again. We need to get government out of the way so businesses on Main Street can grow. We need to lower taxes and provide more stability and certainty to small businesses that support our community. Finally, we need to bring manufacturing jobs back from overseas so families in Southside can get back to work.   


Preparing Our Students for Success


As a father of two daughters and a former assistant professor at Shenandoah University, Otto understands the challenges parents and students face this school year. We need to ensure our school districts and students have the resources needed to learn in a safe and effective environment. Otto will work to increase access to high speed internet and support policies that help our schools get the funding they need to adapt to these new challenges while raising overall quality. 


Increase Access to Quality Care


Too many families in Southside suffer from an incomplete healthcare system.  Access to quality care is limited, providers lack necessary resources, prescription drug costs are too high, and it is nearly impossible to navigate the health insurance maze.  Our district lacks specialist care and the transportation to get to specialty care.  We need patient centered solutions that will allow those in our community to have access to the quality and affordable care they deserve, regardless of location. We need to identify incentives to attract health care practitioners into the district.  We need to look further into the healthcare payor system and make certain we are getting transparency with value.  As a pharmacist practicing in the district for over thirty years, Otto knows that we need better healthcare services in the area.


We need a new prescription for Southside.

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