A New Prescription for Southside

"As a father, pharmacist, and former small business owner, I understand the challenges facing Southside families during this pandemic.  In Richmond, I’ll use this experience to rebuild our economy and get people back to work. I’ll stand up to the extreme liberal agenda that threatens our rural way of life. We need a New Prescription for Southside because we deserve better.” -Otto Wachsmann

Protecting Our Conservative Values



Out-of-touch liberals in Richmond attack our conservative values and threaten our way of life. As your Delegate, Otto will stand up to the radical left and defend our constitutional rights. 

Getting Our Economy Moving Again


Before COVID-19, our economy was the strongest it’s been in decades. Now families and small businesses are facing unprecedented uncertainty as we navigate this devastating virus. 

Preparing Our Students for Success


As a father of two daughters and his former role as an assistant professor at Shenandoah University, Otto understands the challenges parents and students face this school year.



Otto Wachsmann is passionate about his sense of community and his strong desire to see his community move forward.  This value has been instilled in him from his early days spending as much time in the summer as he could on his grandfather’s farm, standing on a soda fountain stool so he could reach the keys on his father’s cash register at their family owned store, serving for sixteen years as a member of the Stony Creek Volunteer Fire Department, maintaining his efforts as a member of the Joyner Gray Yale Ruritan Club and his decades working as a pharmacist at Stony Creek Pharmacy.  


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